December 1735 in history

Born in December 1735

Dec 4 Josephus Nicolaus Laurenti an Austrian naturalist of Italian origin.
Dec 9 John Lightfoot (biologist) an English parson-naturalist, spending much of his free time as a conchologist and botanist. He was a systematic and effective curator of the private museum of Margaret Bentinck, Duchess of Portland. He is best known for his Flora Scotica which pioneered the scientific study of the plants and fungi of Scotland. He became a Fellow of the Royal Society for his scientific work
Dec 20 Friedrich August Brand an Austrian painter.
Dec 21 Tomasz Adam Ostrowski a Polish nobleman , politician, spokesman, statesman and Count since 1798.
Dec 22 Thomas Astle an English antiquary and palaeographer.

Died in December 1735

Dec 5 Joseph Vivien a French painter of Lyon.
Dec 14 Thomas Tanner (bishop) an English antiquary and prelate.
Dec 28 Ivan Krušala a writer, diplomat, explorer and a Catholic convert from Islam.