December 1740 in history

Born in December 1740

Dec 16 Georg Magnus Sprengtporten a Swedish, Finnish and Russian politician, younger brother of Jacob Magnus Sprengtporten.
Dec 20 Arthur Lee (diplomat) a physician and opponent of slavery in colonial Virginia in North America who served as an American diplomat during the American Revolutionary War. He was educated in medicine and law at the University of Edinburgh and in London, respectively. After passing the bar, he practiced law in London for several years. He stayed in London during the Revolutionary War, representing the colonies to Britain and France and also serving as an American spy to track their activities. After his return to Virginia, he served as a delegate to the Continental Congress
Dec 24 Anders Johan Lexell known as Andrei Ivanovich Leksel.

Died in December 1740

Dec 1 John Abernethy (minister) an Irish Presbyterian church leader, the grandfather of the surgeon John Abernethy.
Dec 13 Benedetto Erba Odescalchi an Italian Cardinal and Archbishop of Milan from 1712 to 1736.
Dec 20 Richard Boyle 2nd Viscount Shannon a British military officer and statesman. After serving as a junior officer at the Battle of the Boyne during the Williamite War in Ireland and at the Battle of Landen during the Nine Years' War, he commanded a brigade of grenadiers during the storming of Vigo during the War of the Spanish Succession. During this engagement the entire French fleet, under the command of the Marquis de Château-Renault, together with the Spanish galleons and transports under Manuel de Velasco, were either been captured or destroyed. He also took part in a successful raid on Barcelona three years later. He went on to serve as Commander-in-Chief, Ireland throughout the 1720s and 1730s