December 1744 in history

Born in December 1744

Dec 6 Christian August Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont a general in the Austrian service, and last commander and Field Marshal of the Portuguese land army.
Dec 15 Jean-François Pierre Peyron a French Neoclassical painter.
Dec 19 Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel a cadet member of the house of Hesse-Kassel and a Danish general field marshal. Brought up with relatives at the Danish court, he spent most of his life in Denmark, serving as royal governor of the twin duchies of Schleswig-Holstein from 1769 to 1836
Dec 21 Princess Leopoldina of Savoy a Princess of Savoy and later the Princess of Melfi, as wife of Giovanni Andrea VI Doria-Pamphilj-Landi, Prince of Melfi. She was the older sister of the princesse de Lamballe

Died in December 1744

Dec 8 Marie Anne de Mailly the youngest of the five famous de Nesle sisters, four of whom would become the mistress of King Louis XV of France.
Dec 16 Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria (governor) an Archduchess of Austria and a Princess of Lorraine, the younger sister of Empress Maria Theresa.
Dec 23 Élisabeth Charlotte d'Orléans a French petite-fille de France and by marriage to Leopold, Duke of Lorraine, duchess and later regent of Lorraine and Bar. She was also suo jure Princess of Commercy. Among her children was Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor, a co-founder of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine