December 1760 in history

Born in December 1760

Dec 2 John Breckinridge (U.S. Attorney General) a lawyer and politician from the U.S. state of Virginia. He served in the state legislatures of Virginia and Kentucky before being elected to the U.S. Senate and appointed United States Attorney General during the second term of President Thomas Jefferson. He is the progenitor of Kentucky's Breckinridge political family and the namesake of Breckinridge County, Kentucky
Dec 2 Joseph Graetz a German composer, organist, and music educator. In 1790 two of his stage works premiered: the operetta Das Gespenst mit der Trommel and the opera Adelheid von Veltheim. His notable students included Kaspar Ett, Peter Josef von Lindpaintner, and Eduard Rottmanner
Dec 3 Moritz Balthasar Borkhausen a German naturalist and forester. He took part in the production of "Teutsche Ornithologie oder Naturgeschichte aller Vögel Teutschlands in naturgetreuen Abbildungen und Beschreibungen" by Johann Conrad Susemihl
Dec 11 Pierre Petitot a French sculptor.
Dec 15 David Heinrich Hoppe a German pharmacist, botanist and physician who was a native of Bruchhausen-Vilsen. Hoppe is remembered for contributions made to the study of alpine flora

Died in December 1760

Dec 14 Andrija Kačić Miošić a Croatian poet and Franciscan monk.