December 1798 in history

Top 7 most famous people born in December 1798

Dec 4 Jules Armand Dufaure a French statesman.
Dec 8 Antoine Laurent Dantan a French academic sculptor, known as 'Dantan the Elder' to distinguish him from his slightly younger brother, Jean-Pierre Dantan , who was also a sculptor. He won the Prix de Rome for sculpture in 1828
Dec 9 Friedrich Gottlieb Bartling a German botanist who was a native of Hanover.
Dec 12 Friedrich August Grotefend a German philologist. Grotefend was a relative of Georg Friedrich Grotefend, who deciphered the cuneiform writing
Dec 24 Adam Mickiewicz a Polish poet, dramatist, essayist, publicist, translator, professor of Slavic literature, and political activist. He is regarded as national poet in Poland, Lithuania and Belarus. A principal figure in Polish Romanticism, he is counted one of Poland's "Three Bards" and is widely regarded as Poland's greatest poet. He is also considered one of the greatest Slavic and European poets and has been dubbed a "Slavic bard". A leading Romantic dramatist, he has been compared in Poland and Europe to Byron and Goethe
Dec 28 Thomas Henderson (astronomer) a Scottish astronomer and mathematician noted for being the first person to measure the distance to Alpha Centauri, the major component of the nearest stellar system to Earth, and for being the first Astronomer Royal for Scotland.
Dec 31 Friedrich Robert Faehlmann an Estonian writer, physician and philologist active in Livonia, Russian Empire. He was a co-founder of the Learned Estonian Society at the University of Dorpat and its chairman

Died in December 1798

Dec 4 Luigi Galvani an Italian physician, physicist and philosopher who lived and died in Bologna. In 1780, he discovered that the muscles of dead frogs legs twitched when struck by an electrical spark.:67–71 This was one of the first forays into the study of bioelectricity, a field that still studies the electrical patterns and signals of the nervous system
Dec 9 Johann Reinhold Forster a Reformed pastor and naturalist of partially Scottish descent who made contributions to the early ornithology of Europe and North America. He is best known as the naturalist on James Cook's second Pacific voyage, where he was accompanied by his son Georg Forster. These expeditions promoted the career of Johann Reinhold Forster and the findings became the bedrock of colonial professionalism and helped set the stage for the future development of anthropology and ethnology. They also laid the framework for general concern about the impact that alteration of the physical environment for European economic expansion would have on exotic societies
Dec 16 Thomas Pennant a Welsh naturalist, traveller, writer and antiquarian. He was born and lived his whole life at his family estate, Downing Hall near Whitford, Flintshire in Wales
Dec 30 Anne-Pierre marquis de Montesquiou-Fézensac a French general and writer.