December 1809 in history

December 1809 events chronologically

Dec 25 Dr. Ephraim McDowell performs the first ovariotomy, removing a 22 pound tumor

Top 7 most famous people born in December 1809

Dec 1 Joseph Gungl a Austrian composer, bandmaster, and conductor.
Dec 17 Wolfgang Sartorius von Waltershausen a German geologist.
Dec 19 Pierre-Joseph van Beneden a Belgian zoologist and paleontologist.
Dec 24 Kit Carson an American trailblazer and Indian fighter. Carson left home in rural present-day Missouri at age 16 and became a mountain man and trapper in the West. Carson explored the west to Spanish California, and north through the Rocky Mountains. He lived among and married into the Arapaho and Cheyenne tribes. He was hired by John Fremont as a guide, and led 'the Pathfinder' through much of California, Oregon and the Great Basin area. He achieved national fame through Fremont's accounts of his expeditions and was featured as the hero of many dime novels
Dec 27 Alexandros Rizos Rangavis a Greek man of letters, poet and statesman.
Dec 29 William Ewart Gladstone a British Liberal politician. In a career lasting over sixty years, he served as Prime Minister four separate times , more than any other person, and served as Chancellor of the Exchequer four times. Gladstone was also Britain's oldest Prime Minister; he resigned for the final time when he was 84 years old
Dec 29 Albert Pike an American attorney, Confederate officer, writer, and Freemason.

Died in December 1809

Dec 16 Antoine François comte de Fourcroy a French chemist and a contemporary of Antoine Lavoisier. Fourcroy collaborated with Lavoisier, Guyton de Morveau, and Claude Berthollet on the Méthode de nomenclature chimique, a work that helped standardize chemical nomenclature
Dec 18 Alexander Adam a Scottish teacher and writer on Roman antiquities.
Dec 22 William Cooper (judge) an American merchant, land speculator and developer, the founder of Cooperstown, New York, and a judge. A politician, he served two terms in the United States Congress, representing Otsego County and central New York. He was the father of James Fenimore Cooper, who became a noted writer
Dec 23 József Fabchich a Hungarian writer and translator, known mainly for his translations of Ancient Greek poetry into the Hungarian language.
Dec 28 Stanisław Małachowski the first Prime Minister of Poland, a member of the Polish government's Permanent Council , Marshal of the Crown Courts of Justice from 1774, Crown Grand Referendary and Marshal of the Four-Year Sejm.