December 1810 in history

Top 7 most famous people born in December 1810

Dec 6 Robert Napier 1st Baron Napier of Magdala a Indian Army officer. He fought in the First Anglo-Sikh War and the Second Anglo-Sikh War before seeing action as chief engineer during the second relief of Lucknow in March 1858 during the Indian Mutiny. He also served in the Second Opium War as commander of the 2nd division of the expeditionary force which took part in the Battle of Taku Forts in August 1860, the entry to Peking in September 1860 and the destruction of the Old Summer Palace in October 1860. He subsequently led the punitive expedition to Abyssinia July 1867, defeating the Emperor Tewodros II of Ethiopia with minimal loss of life among his own forces but looting many historical and religious artifacts; these artifacts still reside in collections in the UK, despite representations by various parties for their return
Dec 7 Theodor Schwann a German physiologist. His many contributions to biology include the development of cell theory, the discovery of Schwann cells in the peripheral nervous system, the discovery and study of pepsin, the discovery of the organic nature of yeast, and the invention of the term metabolism
Dec 11 Alfred de Musset a French dramatist, poet, and novelist. Along with his poetry, he is known for writing La Confession d'un enfant du siècle from 1836
Dec 17 Francisco Serrano 1st Duke of la Torre a Spanish marshal and statesman. He was Prime Minister of Spain and regent in 1868-1869
Dec 23 Edward Blyth an English zoologist and pharmacist. He was one of the founders of zoology in India
Dec 23 Karl Richard Lepsius a pioneering Prussian Egyptologist and linguist and pioneer of modern archaeology.
Dec 24 Wilhelm Marstrand born in Copenhagen, Denmark, to Nicolai Jacob Marstrand, instrument maker and inventor, and Petra Othilia Smith. Marstrand is one of the most renowned artists belonging to the Golden Age of Danish Painting

Died in December 1810

Dec 1 Jean Baptiste Treilhard an important French statesman of the revolutionary period. He passed through the troubled times of the Republic and Empire with great political savvy, playing a decisive role at important times
Dec 2 Philipp Otto Runge a Romantic German painter and draughtsman. He made a late start to his career and died young, nonetheless he is considered among the best German Romantic painters
Dec 8 Ange-François Fariau a French poet and translator.
Dec 14 Cyrus Griffin a lawyer and judge who served as the last President of the Continental Congress, holding office from January 22, 1788, to November 2, 1788. He resigned after the ratification of the United States Constitution rendered the old Congress obsolete, and was later a United States federal judge
Dec 15 Sarah Trimmer a writer and critic of 18th-century British children's literature, as well as an educational reformer. Her periodical, The Guardian of Education, helped to define the emerging genre by seriously reviewing children's literature for the first time; it also provided the first history of children's literature, establishing a canon of the early landmarks of the genre that scholars still use today. Trimmer's most popular children's book, Fabulous Histories, inspired numerous children's animal stories and remained in print for over a century