December 1862 in history

December 1862 events chronologically

Dec 1 In his State of the Union Address President Abraham Lincoln reaffirms the necessity of ending slavery as ordered ten weeks earlier in the Emancipation Proclamation
Dec 7 American Civil War: Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas
Dec 12 USS Cairo sinks on the Yazoo River, becoming the first armored ship to be sunk by an electrically detonated mine
Dec 13 American Civil War: At the Battle of Fredericksburg, Confederate General Robert E. Lee defeats Union Major General Ambrose Burnside
Dec 17 American Civil War: General Ulysses S. Grant issues General Order No. 11, expelling Jews from parts of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky
Dec 26 American Civil War: The Battle of Chickasaw Bayou begins
Dec 26 Four nuns serving as volunteer nurses on board USS Red Rover are the first female nurses on a U.S. Navy hospital ship

Top 7 most famous people born in December 1862

Dec 5 William Walker Atkinson an attorney, merchant, publisher, and author, as well as an occultist and an American pioneer of the New Thought movement. He is also known to have been the author of the pseudonymous works attributed to Theron Dumont and Yogi Ramacharaka
Dec 7 Paul Adam (French novelist) a French novelist. He was born and died in Paris
Dec 8 Georges Feydeau a French playwright of the era known as the Belle Époque. He is remembered for his many lively farces. He wrote over sixty plays and was a forerunner of absurdist theatre
Dec 12 J. Bruce Ismay an English businessman who served as chairman and managing director of the White Star Line of steamships. He came to international attention as the highest-ranking White Star official among the 712 survivors of the maiden voyage of his company's newest ocean liner, the RMS Titanic
Dec 17 Moriz Rosenthal a Polish pianist and composer. He was an outstanding pupil of Franz Liszt and a friend and colleague of some of the greatest musicians of his age, including Johannes Brahms, Johann Strauss, Anton Rubinstein, Hans von Bülow, Camille Saint-Saëns, Jules Massenet and Isaac Albéniz
Dec 22 Connie Mack an American professional baseball player, manager, and team owner. The longest-serving manager in Major League Baseball history, he holds records for wins , losses , and games managed , with his victory total being almost 1,000 more than any other manager
Dec 23 Henri Pirenne a Belgian historian. A medievalist of Walloon descent, he wrote a multivolume history of Belgium in French and became a national hero. He also became prominent in the nonviolent resistance to the Germans who occupied Belgium in World War I

Top 7 most famous people died in December 1862

Dec 8 Pierre-Théodore Verhaegen a Belgian lawyer, founder of the Université libre de Bruxelles, and liberal politician. He was chairman of the Belgian House of Parliament
Dec 13 Thomas Reade Rootes Cobb an American lawyer, author, politician, and Confederate States Army officer, killed in the Battle of Fredericksburg during the American Civil War.
Dec 15 Maxcy Gregg a lawyer, soldier in the United States Army during the Mexican-American War, and a Confederate brigadier general during the American Civil War who was mortally wounded at the Battle of Fredericksburg and died two days later.
Dec 19 Abraham Solomon an English painter.
Dec 20 Robert Knox a Scottish anatomist, zoologist, ethnologist and doctor. He was the most popular lecturer in anatomy in Britain, where he introduced the theory of transcendental anatomy, but is now best known for his involvement in the Burke and Hare murders. Difficulty in obtaining cadavers for dissection after the passage of the Anatomy Act and disagreements with professional colleagues ruined his career, and a move to London did not improve matters. His later pessimistic view of humanity contrasted sharply with his youthful attachment to the ideas of Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire
Dec 21 Carl Ludwig Christian Rümker a German astronomer. In German, his name is spelt Karl Ludwig Christian Rümker; he was also known as Charles Rümker, Charles Rumker, Charles Luis Rumker, Christian Carl Ludwig Rümker and Charles Stargard Rumker
Dec 28 Georg Theodor Chiewitz a Swedish architect and engineer. Due to economical problems he moved to Finland in 1851, where Chiewitz made his most remarkable career