February 19 events in history

197 Emperor Septimius Severus defeats usurper Clodius Albinus in the Battle of Lugdunum, the bloodiest battle between Roman armies
356 Emperor Constantius II issues a decree closing all pagan temples in the Roman Empire
1594 Having already inherited the throne of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth through his mother Catherine Jagellonica of Poland in 1587, Sigismund III of the House of Vasa is crowned King of Sweden, having succeeded his father John III of Sweden in 1592
1600 The Peruvian stratovolcano Huaynaputina explodes in the most violent eruption in the recorded history of South America
1649 The Second Battle of Guararapes takes place, effectively ending Dutch colonization efforts in Brazil
1674 England and the Netherlands sign the Treaty of Westminster, ending the Third Anglo-Dutch War. A provision of the agreement transfers the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam to England, and it is renamed New York
1807 Former Vice President of the United States Aaron Burr is arrested for treason in Wakefield, Alabama and confined to Fort Stoddert
1819 British explorer William Smith discovers the South Shetland Islands, and claims them in the name of King George III
1846 In Austin, Texas the newly formed Texas state government is officially installed. The Republic of Texas government officially transfers power to the State of Texas government following the annexation of Texas by the United States
1847 The first group of rescuers reaches the Donner Party
1859 Daniel E. Sickles, a New York Congressman, is acquitted of murder on grounds of temporary insanity. This is the first time this defense is successfully used in the United States
1861 Serfdom is abolished in Russia
1876 Founding of the National Amateur Press Association (NAPA) in Philadelphia
1878 Thomas Edison patents the phonograph
1884 More than sixty tornadoes strike the Southern United States, one of the largest tornado outbreaks in U.S. history
1915 World War I: The first naval attack on the Dardanelles begins when a strong Anglo-French task force bombards Ottoman artillery along the coast of Gallipoli
1937 Yekatit 12: During a public ceremony at the Viceregal Palace (the former Imperial residence) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, two Ethiopian nationalists of Eritrean origin attempt to kill viceroy Rodolfo Graziani with a number of grenades
1942 World War II: Nearly 250 Japanese warplanes attack the northern Australian city of Darwin killing 243 people
1942 World War II: President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the executive order 9066, allowing the United States military to relocate Japanese-Americans to internment camps
1943 World War II: Battle of the Kasserine Pass in Tunisia begins
1945 World War II: Battle of Iwo Jima – about 30,000 United States Marines land on the island of Iwo Jima
1948 The Conference of Youth and Students of Southeast Asia Fighting for Freedom and Independence convenes in Calcutta
1949 Ezra Pound is awarded the first Bollingen Prize in poetry by the Bollingen Foundation and Yale University
1953 Censorship: Georgia approves the first literature censorship board in the United States
1959 The United Kingdom grants Cyprus independence, which is then formally proclaimed on August 16, 1960
1960 China successfully launches the T-7, its first sounding rocket
1963 The publication of Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique reawakens the Feminist Movement in the United States as women's organizations and consciousness raising groups spread
1965 Colonel Phạm Ngọc Thảo of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, and a communist spy of the North Vietnamese Viet Minh, along with Generals Lâm Văn Phát and Trần Thiện Khiêm attempted a coup against the military junta of Nguyễn Khánh
1972 The Asama-Sansō hostage standoff begins in Japan
1976 Executive Order 9066, which led to the relocation of Japanese Americans to internment camps, is rescinded by President Gerald R. Ford's Proclamation 4417
1978 Egyptian forces raid Larnaca International Airport in an attempt to intervene in a hijacking, without authorisation from the Republic of Cyprus authorities. The Cypriot National Guard and Police forces kill 15 Egyptian commandos and destroy the Egyptian C-130 transport plane in open combat
1985 Iberia Airlines Boeing 727 crashes into Mount Oiz in Spain, killing 148
1985 EastEnders BBC's flagship soap opera broadcasts for the first time
1985 William J. Schroeder becomes the first recipient of an artificial heart to leave hospital
1986 Akkaraipattu massacre: the Sri Lankan Army massacres 80 Tamil farm workers the eastern province of Sri Lanka
2001 The Oklahoma City bombing museum is dedicated at the Oklahoma City National Memorial
2002 NASA's Mars Odyssey space probe begins to map the surface of Mars using its thermal emission imaging system
2003 An Ilyushin Il-76 military aircraft crashes near Kerman, Iran, killing 275
2006 A methane explosion in a coal mine near Nueva Rosita, Mexico, kills 65 miners
2011 The debut exhibition of the Belitung shipwreck, containing the largest collection of Tang Dynasty artefacts found in one location, begins in Singapore
2012 44 people are killed in a prison brawl in Apodaca, Nuevo León