February 1265 in history

Born in February 1265

Feb 24 Roger IV Count of Foix the seventh count of Foix from 1241 to his death. His reign began with the south again at war with the north in France and, though he was reluctant to join his father's old ally, Raymond VII of Toulouse, in revolt and he did not aid the king of England, Henry III, in his Saintonge War

Died in February 1265

Feb 8 Hulagu Khan a Mongol ruler who conquered much of Southwest Asia. Son of Tolui and the Kerait princess Sorghaghtani Beki, he was a grandson of Genghis Khan and brother of Ariq Böke, Möngke Khan, and Kublai Khan
Feb 25 Ulrich I Count of Württemberg count of Württemberg from about 1241 until his death.