February 1528 in history

Born in February 1528

Feb 29 Archduchess Anna of Austria the daughter of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor and his wife Anna of Bohemia and Hungary.
Feb 29 Albert V Duke of Bavaria Duke of Bavaria from 1550 until his death. He was born in Munich to William IV and Marie Jacobaea of Baden

Died in February 1528

Feb 14 Edzard I Count of East Frisia count of East Frisia from 1491 till his death in 1528.
Feb 29 Patrick Hamilton (martyr) a Scottish churchman and an early Protestant Reformer in Scotland. He travelled to Europe, where he met several of the leading reforming thinkers, before returning to Scotland to preach. He was tried as a heretic by Archbishop James Beaton, and burnt at the stake in St Andrews