February 1577 in history

Born in February 1577

Feb 6 Beatrice Cenci an Italian noblewoman. She is famous as the protagonist in events leading to a lurid murder trial in Rome that gave rise to an enduring legend about her
Feb 8 Robert Burton (scholar) an English scholar at Oxford University, best known for the classic The Anatomy of Melancholy. He was also the incumbent of St Thomas the Martyr, Oxford, and of Seagrave in Leicestershire

Died in February 1577

Feb 23 Nicolas Duke of Mercœur the second son of Antoine, Duke of Lorraine and Renée de Bourbon.
Feb 23 Ibrahim Mirza now mainly remembered as a patron of the arts, especially the Persian miniature. Although most of his library and art collection was apparently destroyed by his wife after his murder, surviving works commissioned by him include the manuscript of the Haft Awrang of the poet Jami which is now in the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington D.C
Feb 26 Eric XIV of Sweden King of Sweden from 1560 until he was deposed in 1568. Eric XIV was the son of Gustav I and Catherine of Saxe-Lauenburg. He was also ruler of Estonia, after its conquest by Sweden in 1561