February 1603 in history

Born in February 1603

Feb 12 Friedrich Wilhelm II Duke of Saxe-Altenburg a duke of Saxe-Altenburg.

Died in February 1603

Feb 7 Gulbadan Begum most known as the author of Humayun Nama, the account of the life of her half-brother, Humayun. Later, her nephew, Prince Jalal-ud-Dīn ascended the imperial throne as Emperor Akbar the Great. She was also the paternal aunt of Akbar's chief consort, Empress Ruqaiya Sultan Begum
Feb 7 Hermann Wilken a German humanist and mathematician.
Feb 23 François Viète a French mathematician whose work on new algebra was an important step towards modern algebra, due to its innovative use of letters as parameters in equations. He was a lawyer by trade, and served as a privy councillor to both Henry III and Henry IV
Feb 23 Andrea Cesalpino an Italian physician, philosopher and botanist.
Feb 26 Maria of Austria Holy Roman Empress the spouse of Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia and Hungary. She was the daughter of Emperor Charles V and twice served as regent of Spain