February 1817 in history

February 1817 events chronologically

Feb 8 Las Heras crosses the Andes with an army to join San Martín and liberate Chile from Spain
Feb 12 An Argentine/Chilean patriotic army, after crossing the Andes, defeats Spanish troops on the Battle of Chacabuco

Top 7 most famous people born in February 1817

Feb 8 Richard S. Ewell a career United States Army officer and a Confederate general during the American Civil War. He achieved fame as a senior commander under Stonewall Jackson and Robert Lee and fought effectively through much of the war, but his legacy has been clouded by controversies over his actions at the Battle of Gettysburg and at the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House
Feb 15 Charles-François Daubigny considered an important precursor of Impressionism.
Feb 18 Lewis Armistead a Confederate brigadier general in the American Civil War, who was wounded, captured, and died after Pickett's Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg.
Feb 19 William III of the Netherlands King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg from 1849 until his death in 1890. He was also the Duke of Limburg from 1849 until the abolition of the duchy in 1866
Feb 21 José Zorrilla a Spanish Romantic poet and dramatist.
Feb 22 Niels Gade a Danish composer, conductor, violinist, organist and teacher. He is considered the most important Danish musician of his day
Feb 23 George Frederic Watts a popular English Victorian painter and sculptor associated with the Symbolist movement. He said "I paint ideas, not things." Watts became famous in his lifetime for his allegorical works, such as Hope and Love and Life. These paintings were intended to form part of an epic symbolic cycle called the "House of Life", in which the emotions and aspirations of life would all be represented in a universal symbolic language

Died in February 1817

Feb 5 Tomasz Adam Ostrowski a Polish nobleman , politician, spokesman, statesman and Count since 1798.
Feb 9 Franz Tausch a German clarinetist, teacher and composer. He played in the Mannheim orchestra. One of his students was Heinrich Baermann
Feb 10 Karl Theodor Anton Maria von Dalberg Archbishop of Mainz, Arch-Chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire, Prince of Regensburg, Prince-Primate of the Confederation of the Rhine and Grand Duke of Frankfurt.