February 1827 in history

February 1827 events chronologically

Feb 28 The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad is incorporated, becoming the first railroad in America offering commercial transportation of both people and freight

Top 7 most famous people born in February 1827

Feb 1 Alphonse James de Rothschild a French financier, vineyard owner, art collector, philanthropist, racehorse owner/breeder and a member of the prominent Rothschild banking family of France.
Feb 2 Oswald Achenbach a German painter associated with the Düsseldorf school of painting. Though little known today, during his lifetime he was counted among the most important landscape painters of Europe. Through his teaching activities, he influenced the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. His brother, Andreas Achenbach, who was twelve years older, was also among the most important German landscape painters of the 19th century. The two brothers were humorously called "the A and O of Landscapes"
Feb 5 Peter Lalor an activist turned politician who rose to fame for his leading role in the Eureka Rebellion, an event controversially identified with the "birth of democracy" in Australasia. He is famous for being the only outlaw to make it to parliament
Feb 17 Maria Francesca Rossetti an English author. She was the sister of artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti as well as William Michael Rossetti and Christina Georgina Rossetti, who dedicated her 1862 poem Goblin Market to Maria. She was born in London
Feb 18 Heinrich Karl Brugsch a German Egyptologist. He was associated with Auguste Mariette in his excavations at Memphis. He became director of the School of Egyptology at Cairo, producing numerous very valuable works and pioneering the decipherment of Demotic, the simplified script of the later Egyptian periods
Feb 24 Lydia Becker a leader in the early British suffrage movement, as well as an amateur scientist with interests in biology and astronomy. She is best remembered for founding and publishing the Women's Suffrage Journal between 1870 and 1890
Feb 28 Albert Lacombe a French-Canadian Roman Catholic missionary who lived among and evangelized the Cree and also visited the Blackfoot First Nations of North Western Canada. He is now remembered for having brokered a peace between the Cree and Blackfoot, negotiating construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway through Blackfoot territory, and securing a promise from the Blackfoot leader Crowfoot to refrain from joining the North-West Rebellion of 1885

Top 7 most famous people died in February 1827

Feb 8 Constantin Denis Bourbaki a Greek officer educated in France, and serving in the French military. He fought in the last phases of the Napoleonic Wars, and after 1825, joined the Greek War of Independence. He was killed in 1827 following his defeat at the Battle of Kamatero. He is the father of French General Charles Denis Bourbaki
Feb 10 William Mitford the elder of the two sons of John Mitford, a barrister and his wife Philadelphia Reveley.
Feb 17 Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi a Swiss pedagogue and educational reformer who exemplified Romanticism in his approach.
Feb 18 Antoine Nicolas Duchesne a French botanist known for his keen observation of variation within species, and for demonstrating that species are not immutable, because mutations can occur. "As Duchesne's observations were unaided by knowledge of modern concepts of genetics and molecular biology, his insight was truly remarkable." His particular interests were in strawberries and gourds
Feb 19 Armand Augustin Louis de Caulaincourt a French soldier, diplomat and close personal aide to Napoleon Bonaparte.
Feb 22 Charles Willson Peale an American painter, soldier and naturalist. He is best remembered for his portrait paintings of leading figures of the American Revolution, as well as for establishing one of the first museums
Feb 27 Simón de Roxas Clemente y Rubio a renowned Spanish botanist, considered to be the father of Spanish ampelography.