January 1556 in history

January 1556 events chronologically

Jan 16 Philip II becomes King of Spain
Jan 23 The deadliest earthquake in history, the Shaanxi earthquake, hits Shaanxi province, China. The death toll may have been as high as 830,000

Born in January 1556

Jan 8 Uesugi Kagekatsu a Japanese samurai daimyo during the Sengoku period and Edo period.

Died in January 1556

Jan 27 Humayun now Afghanistan, Pakistan, and parts of northern India from 1531–1540 and again from 1555–1556. Like his father, Babur, he lost his kingdom early, but regained it with Persian aid, with additional territory. At the time of his death in 1556, the Mughal empire spanned almost one million square kilometers
Jan 30 Sebestyén Tinódi Lantos a 16th-century Hungarian lyricist, epic poet, political historian, and minstrel.