January 1616 in history

January 1616 events chronologically

Jan 12 The city of Belém is founded in Pará, Brazil by Francisco Caldeira Castelo Branco

Born in January 1616

Jan 5 Simeon Bekbulatovich a Muslim-born Khan of the Khanate of Qasim. After the period of the Oprichnina , Ivan the Terrible named Simeon Grand Prince of All Rus'. He participated in the Livonian war as a commander of the main regiment of the Muscovite army. Subsequently, he was named Grand Prince of Tver' and Torzhok. He went blind in 1595 and was allegedly tonsured as a Christian monk under the monastic name Stefan in 1606
Jan 13 Antoinette Bourignon a French-Flemish mystic and adventurer. She taught that the end times would come soon and that the Last Judgment would then be felled. Her belief was that she was chosen by God to restore true Christianity on earth and became the central figure of a spiritual network that extended beyond the borders of the Dutch Republic, including Holstein and Scotland. Bourignon's sect belonged to the spiritualist movements that have been characterized as the "third power"
Jan 16 François de Vendôme Duke of Beaufort the illegitimate grandson of Henry IV of France. He was also cousin to Louis XIV. He was a prominent figure in the Fronde, and later went on to fight in the Mediterranean. His mother was the heiress Françoise de Lorraine. He is sometimes called François de Vendôme, though he was born into the House of Bourbon, Vendôme coming from his father's title of Duke of Vendôme
Jan 20 Jerzy Sebastian Lubomirski a Polish noble , magnate, outstanding politician and military commander. Lubomirski was a Prince of the Holy Roman Empire SRI. He was the initiator of the Lubomirski Rokosz

Died in January 1616

Jan 6 Philip Henslowe an Elizabethan theatrical entrepreneur and impresario. Henslowe's modern reputation rests on the survival of his diary, a primary source for information about the theatrical world of Renaissance London. He was portrayed by actor Geoffrey Rush in the Academy Award-winning film Shakespeare in Love