January 1624 in history

January 1624 events chronologically

Jan 24 Afonso Mendes, appointed by Pope Gregory XV as Prelate of Ethiopia, arrives at Massawa from Goa
Jan 28 Sir Thomas Warner founds the first British colony in the Caribbean, on the island of Saint Kitts

Born in January 1624

Jan 7 Guarino Guarini an Italian architect of the Piedmontese Baroque, active in Turin as well as Sicily, France, and Portugal. He was a Theatine priest, mathematician, and writer
Jan 9 Empress Meishō the 109th Imperial ruler of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.
Jan 16 Pierre Lambert de la Motte a French bishop. He was a founding member of the Paris Foreign Missions Society and became a missionary in Asia
Jan 31 Arnold Geulincx a Flemish philosopher. He was one of the followers of René Descartes who tried to work out more detailed versions of a generally Cartesian philosophy. Samuel Beckett cited Geulincx as a key influence and interlocutor because of Geulincx's emphasis on the powerlessness and ignorance of the human condition