January 1653 in history

January 1653 events chronologically

Jan 3 By the Coonan Cross Oath, the Eastern Church in India cuts itself off from colonial Portuguese tutelage

Born in January 1653

Jan 6 Christian Duke of Saxe-Eisenberg a duke of Saxe-Eisenberg.
Jan 11 Paolo Alessandro Maffei an antiquarian with a humanist education, who was active in Rome. Maffei was the son of Paolo Maffei and his wife Giovanna di Raffaele, both of patrician families of Volterra. He was a descendant of the humanist and papal bureaucrat Raffaele Maffei, "il Volterrano," , author of the Commentaria urbana , dedicated to Julius Paolo Alessandro was made a cavaliere of the Tuscan Order of Saint Stephen and an honorary member of the Papal Guard. He wrote the laudatory biography of Pope Pius V, in which he praised the Pope's suppression of newsletters and slanderous printed avvisi in 1572
Jan 16 Johann Conrad Brunner a Swiss anatomist, especially cited for his work on the pancreas and duodenum.
Jan 24 Dom Jacques Alexandre a learned Benedictine monk of the Congregation of Maur. He made his profession in the abbey of Vendôme, 26 August 1673, and after completing his philosophical and theological studies, was sent to the monastery of Bonne-Nouvelle, where he spent the remainder of his life