January 1694 in history

Born in January 1694

Jan 3 Paul of the Cross an Italian mystic, and founder of the Passionists.
Jan 12 Johann Heinrich Callenberg a German Orientalist, Lutheran professor of theology and philology, and promoter of conversion attempts among Jews and Muslims.

Died in January 1694

Jan 2 Henry Booth 1st Earl of Warrington a Member of Parliament, Privy Councillor, Protestant protagonist in the Revolution of 1688, Mayor of Chester and author.
Jan 7 Charles Gerard 1st Earl of Macclesfield an English aristocrat, soldier and courtier.
Jan 16 Francesco Morosini the Doge of Venice from 1688 to 1694, at the height of the Great Turkish War. He was a member of a famous noble Venetian family which produced several Doges and generals. He "dressed always in red from top to toe and never went into action without his cat beside him on the poop."