January 1720 in history

January 1720 events chronologically

Jan 21 Sweden and Prussia sign the Treaty of Stockholm

Born in January 1720

Jan 4 Johann Friedrich Agricola a German composer, organist, singer, pedagogue, and writer on music. He sometimes wrote under the pseudonym Flavio Anicio Olibrio
Jan 30 Charles De Geer a Swedish industrialist and entomologist.

Died in January 1720

Jan 17 Angelo Paoli an Italian Carmelite, known as "the father of the poor".
Jan 19 Eleonor Magdalene of Neuburg Holy Roman Empress as the spouse of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor. Through her marriage, she was also Queen of Bohemia and Hungary, German Queen, and Archduchess of Austria. She served as Interim Regent in 1711. She was the paternal grandmother of Empress Maria Theresa
Jan 26 Adam Veyde a Russian infantry general and a close associate of Peter the Great.
Jan 31 Thomas Grey 2nd Earl of Stamford a British peer and politician.