January 1968 in history

January 1968 events chronologically

Jan 5 Alexander Dubček comes to power: "Prague Spring" begins in Czechoslovakia
Jan 7 Surveyor Program: Surveyor 7, the last spacecraft in the Surveyor series, lifts off from launch complex 36A, Cape Canaveral
Jan 13 Johnny Cash performs live at Folsom State Prison
Jan 21 Vietnam War: Battle of Khe Sanh – One of the most publicized and controversial battles of the war begins
Jan 21 A B-52 bomber crashes near Thule Air Base, contaminating the area after its nuclear payload ruptures. One of the four bombs remains unaccounted for after the cleanup operation is complete
Jan 22 Operation Igloo White, a US electronic surveillance system to stop communist infiltration into South Vietnam begins installation
Jan 22 Apollo 5 lifts off carrying the first Lunar module into space

Top 7 most famous people born in January 1968

Jan 1 Davor Šuker a retired Croatian footballer and president of the Croatian Football Federation since July 2012. He played as a striker for a number of European clubs as well as the Croatian national team, where he is the all-time top scorer with 45 goals
Jan 2 Cuba Gooding Jr. an American film actor. He is best known for his Academy Award-winning role as Rod Tidwell in Cameron Crowe's Jerry Maguire
Jan 5 DJ BoBo a Swiss singer, songwriter, dancer and music producer. He has sold 14 million records worldwide and has released 11 studio albums as well as a few compilation albums which have included his previous hits in a reworked format. DJ BoBo has also released as many as 34 singles to date, some of which have charted quite high, not only in German speaking countries, but also in other European territories
Jan 12 Heather Mills an English entrepreneur, activist, environmentalist, and Alpine ski racer.
Jan 14 LL Cool J an American rapper, entrepreneur, and actor. He is known for pioneering hip-hop tracks such as "I Can't Live Without My Radio", "I'm Bad", "The Boomin' System", "Rock The Bells", and "Mama Said Knock You Out" as well as romantic ballads such as "I Need Love", "Around the Way Girl", and "Hey Lover"
Jan 28 Sarah McLachlan a Canadian musician, singer, songwriter, and pianist. Known for her emotional ballads and mezzo-soprano vocal range, as of 2009, she has sold over 40 million albums worldwide. McLachlan's best-selling album to date is Surfacing, for which she won two Grammy Awards and four Juno Awards. In addition to her personal artistic efforts, she founded the Lilith Fair tour, which showcased female musicians on a scale that had never been attempted before. The Lilith Fair concert tours took place from 1997 to 1999, and resumed in the summer of 2010. On May 6, 2014, she released her first album of original music in four years, titled Shine On
Jan 30 Felipe VI of Spain the King of Spain. He succeeded to the throne on 19 June 2014 following the abdication of his father, King Juan Carlos As heir apparent to the throne, he previously bore the title of Prince of Asturias, and worked to support philanthropic causes and to promote international fellowship among Spanish-speaking countries

Top 7 most famous people died in January 1968

Jan 7 Mario Roatta an Italian general, best known for his role in Italian Second Army's repression against civilians, that matched the German one in the Slovene- and Croatian-inhabited areas of the Italian-occupied Yugoslavia during World War In his Circular 3C, Roatta ordered summary executions, hostage-taking, reprisals, internments, burning of houses and whole villages, and deportation of 25,000 people, which equaled 7.5% of the total population of Italy-occupied Province of Ljubljana, which filled up the Italian concentration camps on the island of Rab, in Gonars, Monigo , Renicci d'Anghiari, Chiesanuova and elsewhere. The survivors received no compensation from the Italian state after the war
Jan 10 Ali Fuat Cebesoy a Turkish officer, politician and statesman.
Jan 10 Eben Dönges a South African politician who was elected State President of South Africa but died before he could take office, aged 69.
Jan 15 Leopold Infeld a Polish physicist who worked mainly in Poland and Canada. He was a Rockefeller fellow at Cambridge University and a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Jan 17 Gholamreza Takhti an Iranian Olympic Gold-Medalist Wrestler and Varzesh-e Bastani practitioner. Popularly nicknamed Jahān Pahlevān because of his chivalrous behavior and sportsmanship , he was the most popular athlete of Iran in the 20th century, although dozens of Iranian athletes have won more international medals than he did. Takhti is still a hero to many Iranians. He is listed in the FILA wrestling hall of fame
Jan 22 Duke Kahanamoku a Hawaiian-American competition swimmer who was also known as an actor, lawman, early beach volleyball player and businessman credited with spreading the sport of surfing. Kahanamoku was a five-time Olympic medalist in swimming
Jan 29 Tsuguharu Foujita a painter and printmaker born in Tokyo, Japan who applied Japanese ink techniques to Western style paintings.