July 8 events in history

1099 First Crusade: Fifteen thousand starving Christian soldiers march in a religious procession around Jerusalem as its Muslim defenders look on
1283 War of the Sicilian Vespers: Roger of Lauria, commanding the Aragonese fleet defeats an Angevin fleet sent to put down a rebellion on Malta in the Battle of Malta
1497 Vasco da Gama sets sail on the first direct European voyage to India
1579 Our Lady of Kazan, a holy icon of the Russian Orthodox Church, is discovered underground in the city of Kazan, Tatarstan
1663 Charles II of England grants John Clarke a Royal charter to Rhode Island
1709 Great Northern War: Battle of Poltava – Peter I of Russia defeats Charles XII of Sweden at Poltava thus effectively ending Sweden's role as a major power in Europe
1716 Great Northern War: The naval Battle of Dynekilen takes place
1730 An estimated magnitude 8.7 earthquake causes a tsunami that damages more than 1,000 km (620 mi) of Chile's coastline
1758 French forces hold Fort Carillon against the British at Ticonderoga, New York
1760 French and Indian War: Battle of Restigouche – British forces defeat French forces in last naval battle in New France
1775 The Olive Branch Petition is signed by the Continental Congress of the Thirteen Colonies
1808 Joseph Bonaparte approves the Bayonne Statute, a royal charter intended as the basis for his rule as king of Spain
1822 Chippewas turn over a huge tract of land in Ontario to the United Kingdom
1853 U.S. Commodore Matthew Perry arrives in Edo bay with a treaty requesting trade
1859 King Charles XV & IV accedes to the throne of Sweden–Norway
1864 Ikedaya Incident: The Choshu Han shishi's planned Shinsengumi sabotage on Kyoto, Japan at Ikedaya
1874 The Mounties begin their March West
1876 White supremacists kill five Black Republicans in Hamburg, South Carolina
1879 Sailing ship USS Jeannette departs San Francisco carrying an ill-fated expedition to the North Pole
1889 The first issue of The Wall Street Journal is published
1892 St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada is devastated in the Great Fire of 1892
1898 The death of crime boss Soapy Smith, killed in the Shootout on Juneau Wharf, releases Skagway, Alaska from his iron grip
1912 Henrique Mitchell de Paiva Couceiro leads an unsuccessful royalist attack against the First Portuguese Republic in Chaves
1932 The Dow Jones Industrial Average reaches its lowest level of the Great Depression, closing at 41.22
1933 The first rugby union test match between the Wallabies of Australia and the Springboks of South Africa is played at Newlands Stadium in Cape Town
1937 Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan sign the Treaty of Saadabad
1947 Reports are broadcast that a UFO crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico in what became known as the Roswell UFO incident
1948 The United States Air Force accepts its first female recruits into a program called Women in the Air Force (WAF)
1960 Francis Gary Powers is charged with espionage resulting from his flight over the Soviet Union
1962 Ne Win besieges and dynamites the Rangoon University Student Union building to crush the Student Movement
1966 King Mwambutsa IV Bangiriceng of Burundi is deposed by his son Prince Charles Ndizi
1968 The Chrysler wildcat strike begins in Detroit, Michigan
1970 Richard Nixon delivers a special congressional message enunciating Native American self-determination as official US Indian policy, leading to the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act of 1975
1982 Assassination attempt against Iraqi president Saddam Hussein in Dujail
1994 Kim Jong-il begins to assume supreme leadership of North Korea upon the death of his father, Kim Il-sung
2011 Space Shuttle Atlantis is launched in the final mission of the U.S. Space Shuttle program
2014 Israel launches an offensive on Gaza amidst rising tensions following the killing of Israeli teenagers
2014 Brazil loses 1-7 to Germany in the 2014 FIFA World Cup semi-final. The event is known as Mineirazo