July 1671 in history

Born in July 1671

Jul 6 Carmine Caracciolo 5th Prince of Santo Buono Spanish viceroy of Peru from October 5, 1716 to January 26, 1720.
Jul 14 Jacques d'Allonville a French astronomer and mathematician.
Jul 20 Philip of Hesse-Darmstadt a Prince of Hesse-Darmstadt, Imperial Field marshal and Governor of Mantua.
Jul 22 Louis Rudolph Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg ruled over the Wolfenbüttel subdivision of the duchy from 1731 until his death.

Died in July 1671

Jul 14 Méric Casaubon a French-English classical scholar. Although biographical dictionaries commonly accentuate his name to Méric, he himself did not do so
Jul 30 Louis Joseph Duke of Guise the only son of Louis, Duke of Joyeuse and Marie Françoise de Valois, the only daughter of the Count of Alès, Governor of Provence and son of Charles de Valois Duke of Angoulême, a bastard of Charles IX of France.