July 1692 in history

Born in July 1692

Jul 19 Frederick William Duke of Courland Duke of Courland and Semigallia from 1698 to 1711. Frederick Wilhelm was the son of Frederick Casimir Kettler and Elisabeth Sophie of Brandenburg. During his reign duchy was occupied by Swedish and later by Russian troops

Died in July 1692

Jul 10 Heinrich Bach a German organist, composer and a member of the Bach family.
Jul 19 Rebecca Nurse executed for witchcraft by the government of the Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England in 1692, during the Salem witch trials. She was the wife of Francis Nurse, with several children and grandchildren, and a well-respected member of the community. Although there was no credible evidence against her, she was hanged as a witch on July 19, 1692. This occurred during a time when the Massachusetts colony was seized with hysteria over witchcraft and the supposed presence of Satan within the colony. Her sisters Mary Eastey and Sarah Cloyce were also accused of witchcraft, with Mary found guilty and executed
Jul 19 Susannah Martin a woman executed for witchcraft during the Salem witch trials.
Jul 23 Gilles Ménage a French scholar.