July 1702 in history

July 1702 events chronologically

Jul 19 Great Northern War: A numerically superior Polish-Saxon army of Augustus II the Strong, operating from an advantageous defensive position, is defeated by a Swedish army half its size under the command of King Charles XII in the Battle of Klissow

Born in July 1702

Jul 18 Maria Clementina Sobieska a Polish noblewoman, the granddaughter of the Polish king John III Sobieski.
Jul 22 Alessandro Besozzi an Italian composer and virtuoso oboist. He was a member of the ducal Guardia Irlandese from 1714, a hautboy band created by Antonio Farnese, Duke of Parma in 1702, where he worked with his father Cristoforo Besozzi and his brothers Giuseppe and Paolo Girolamo Besozzi. After leaving the company on 20 April 1731, he worked in Turin with his brother Paolo Girolamo at the court of Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia
Jul 31 Jean Denis Attiret a French Jesuit painter and missionary to China.

Died in July 1702

Jul 6 Nicolas Lebègue a French Baroque composer, organist and harpsichordist. He was born in Laon and in the 1650s settled in Paris, quickly establishing himself as one of the best organists of the country. He lived and worked in Paris until his death, but frequently made trips to other cities to consult on organ building and maintenance matters. Lebègue's reputation today rests on his keyboard music. He made particularly important contributions to the development of the French organ school by devising pieces with independent pedal parts and developing the Tierce en taille genre. His oeuvre also includes the earliest published unmeasured preludes, as well as some of the earliest known noëls
Jul 19 Frederick IV Duke of Holstein-Gottorp the reigning Duke of Holstein-Gottorp.