July 1704 in history

Born in July 1704

Jul 5 Jack Broughton an English bare-knuckle boxer. He was the first person to ever codify a set of rules to be used in such contests; prior to this the "rules" that existed were very loosely defined and tended to vary from contest to contest. His seven rules of how boxing would be conducted at his amphitheatre evolved later into the London Prize Ring rules which are widely regarded as the foundation stone of the sport that would become boxing, prior to the development of the Marquess of Queensberry rules in the 1860s
Jul 15 August Gottlieb Spangenberg a German theologian and minister, and a bishop of the Moravian Brethren. As successor of Count Nicolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf, he helped develop international missions, as well as stabilize the theology and organization of the German Moravian Church
Jul 31 Gabriel Cramer a Swiss mathematician, born in Geneva. He was the son of physician Jean Cramer and Anne Mallet Cramer

Died in July 1704

Jul 8 Hermann Otto II of Limburg Stirum the son of Adolf Ernst of Limburg Stirum and an imperial Field Marshal.
Jul 14 Sophia Alekseyevna of Russia regent of Russia from 1682 to 1689. She allied herself with a singularly capable courtier and politician, Prince Vasily Galitzine, to install herself during the minority of her brother Ivan V and half-brother Peter Her regency was carried out with a firm and heavy fist. She did not hesitate to use violent tactics to promote her agenda. The activity of this "bogatyr-tsarevna" was all the more extraordinary, as upper-class Muscovite women, confined to the upper-floor terem and veiled and guarded in public, invariably were kept aloof from any open involvement in politics
Jul 17 Pierre-Charles Le Sueur a French fur trader and explorer in North America, recognized as the first known European to explore the Minnesota River valley.
Jul 20 Peregrine White the first known English child born to the Pilgrims in America. In 1620 his parents, William White and his pregnant wife Susanna, with their son Resolved White and two servants came on the historic voyage of the Pilgrim ship Mayflower. Peregrine White was born while the Mayflower lay at anchor in the harbor at Cape Cod. In later life he became a person of note in Plymouth Colony, active in both military and government affairs