July 1803 in history

July 1803 events chronologically

Jul 4 The Louisiana Purchase is announced to the American people
Jul 5 The Convention of Artlenburg is signed, leading to the French occupation of Hanover (which had been ruled by the British king)
Jul 26 The Surrey Iron Railway, arguably the world's first public railway, opens in south London, United Kingdom

Top 7 most famous people born in July 1803

Jul 5 George Borrow an English author who wrote novels and travelogues based on his experiences traveling around Europe. Over the course of his wanderings, he developed a close affinity with the Romani people of Europe, who figure prominently in his work. His best known books are The Bible in Spain, the autobiographical Lavengro, and The Romany Rye, about his time with the English Romanichal
Jul 8 Karl Gützlaff a German missionary to the Far East, notable as one of the first Protestant missionaries in Bangkok, Thailand and in Korea. He wrote widely read books, such as Journal of Three Voyages along the Coast of China in 1831, 1832 and 1833, with notices of Siam, Corea, and the Loo-Choo Islands. He served as interpreter for British diplomatic missions during the First Opium War. Gutzlaff was one of the first Protestant missionaries in China to wear Chinese clothing. Gutzlaff Street in Hong Kong was named after him
Jul 12 Peter Chanel a Catholic priest, missionary, and martyr.
Jul 16 Sarah Yorke Jackson the daughter-in-law of U.S. President Andrew Jackson. She served as White House hostess and unofficial First Lady of the United States from November 26, 1834 to March 4, 1837
Jul 22 Eugène Isabey a French painter, draftsman, and printmaker.
Jul 24 Adolphe Adam a French composer and music critic. A prolific composer of operas and ballets, he is best known today for his ballets Giselle and Le corsaire , his operas Le postillon de Lonjumeau , Le toréador and Si j'étais roi and his Christmas carol Minuit, chrétiens! , later set to different English lyrics and widely sung as "O Holy Night". Adam was a noted teacher, who taught Delibes and other influential composers
Jul 31 John Ericsson a Swedish-American inventor and mechanical engineer, as was his brother Nils Ericson. He was born at Långbanshyttan in Värmland, Sweden, but primarily came to be active in England and the United States. He is remembered best for designing the steam locomotive Novelty and the ironclad ship USS Monitor

Died in July 1803

Jul 5 Jackson of Exeter an English organist and composer.
Jul 8 Francesco Giuseppe Casanova an Italian painter and a younger brother of Giacomo Casanova.
Jul 17 Adolph Landgrave of Hesse-Philippsthal-Barchfeld a member of the House of Hesse. He was the ruling Landgrave of Hesse-Philippsthal-Barchfeld from 1772 until his death
Jul 25 Gavriil Kamenev a Russian poet, writer, and translator.