June 17 in history

June 17 events chronologically

1462 Vlad III the Impaler attempts to assassinate Mehmed II (The Night Attack) forcing him to retreat from Wallachia
1497 Battle of Deptford Bridge – forces under King Henry VII defeat troops led by Michael An Gof
1565 Matsunaga Hisahide assassinates the 13th Ashikaga shogun, Ashikaga Yoshiteru
1579 Sir Francis Drake claims a land he calls Nova Albion (modern California) for England
1596 The Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz discovers the Arctic archipelago of Spitsbergen
1631 Mumtaz Mahal dies during childbirth. Her husband, Mughal emperor Shah Jahan I, will spend the next 17 years building her mausoleum, the Taj Mahal
1673 French explorers Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet reach the Mississippi River and become the first Europeans to make a detailed account of its course

Top 7 most famous people born on June 17

1882 Igor Stravinsky a Russian composer, pianist and conductor. He is widely considered to be one of the most important and influential composers of the 20th century
1942 Mohamed ElBaradei an Egyptian law scholar and diplomat who was the last Vice President of Egypt serving on an acting basis from 14 July 2013 until his resignation on 14 August 2013.
1943 Newt Gingrich an American politician, historian, author and political consultant. He represented Georgia's 6th congressional district as a Republican from 1979 until his resignation in 1999, and served as the 58th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 1999. Gingrich was a candidate for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination
1945 Ken Livingstone an English politician who has twice held the leading political role in London local government. He served as the Leader of the Greater London Council from 1981 until the Council was abolished in 1986, and then as the first elected Mayor of London from the creation of the office in 2000 until 2008. He also served as the Member of Parliament for Brent East from 1987 to 2001. A democratic socialist, Livingstone has positioned himself on the hard left of the Labour Party, although has also campaigned as an independent politician
1945 Eddy Merckx a Belgian former professional road and track bicycle racer, considered to be the greatest pro-cyclist ever.
1973 Leander Paes an Indian-Sri Lankan professional tennis player who typically plays in doubles events on the ATP Tour and Davis Cup. Having won eight doubles and six mixed doubles Grand Slam titles and finishing as runner up in numerous other Grand Slam finals, he is considered to be one of the greatest and most respected contemporary doubles and mixed doubles players in the world. He is the oldest man to have won a grand slam title. He is among the most successful professional Indian tennis players and is also the former captain of the Indian Davis Cup team. He is the recipient of India's highest sporting honour, the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award, in 1996–1997; the Arjuna Award in 1990; and the Padma Shri award in 2001 for his outstanding contribution to tennis in India. Paes completed the career grand slam in men's doubles after winning the Australian Open in 2012. He is the sports ambassador of the Indian state of Haryana
1980 Venus Williams an American professional tennis player who is a former World 1 and is ranked World 18 in singles as of November 10, 2014. She has been ranked World 1 in singles by the Women's Tennis Association on three separate occasions. She became the World 1 for the first time on February 25, 2002, becoming the first American black woman to achieve this feat during the Open Era. She is credited as changing the women's game and ushering a new, modern era of power and athleticism on the women's professional tennis tour. She is also regarded as the best grass court player of her generation and she is widely considered as one of the all-time greats of women's tennis

Top 7 most famous people died on June 17

656 Uthman a companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and the third of the Sunni Rashidun or "Rightly Guided Caliphs". Born into a prominent Meccan clan of the Quraysh tribe, he played a major role in early Islamic history, succeeding Umar ibn al-Khattab as caliph at age 65. He was also the prophet's son-in-law twice, being married to two of the prophet’s daughters Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum
1025 Bolesław I Chrobry a Duke of Poland during 992–1025 and the first crowned King of Poland since 18 April 1025 until his death two months later. He was also Duke of Bohemia as Boleslav IV during 1002–03
1696 John III Sobieski one of the most notable monarchs of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.
1719 Joseph Addison an English essayist, poet, playwright, and politician. He was the eldest son of The Reverend Lancelot Addison. His name is usually remembered alongside that of his long-standing friend, Richard Steele, with whom he founded The Spectator magazine
1952 Jack Parsons (rocket engineer) an American rocket engineer, chemical engineer, inventor, and Thelemite occultist. Parsons was associated with the California Institute of Technology , and was one of the principal founders of both the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Aerojet Engineering Corporation. He pioneered the advancement of both liquid and solid-fuel rockets, including through inventing the first castable, composite solid rocket propellant
1996 Thomas Kuhn an American physicist, historian, and philosopher of science whose controversial 1962 book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions was influential in both academic and popular circles, introducing the term "paradigm shift", which has since become an English-language staple.
2009 Ralf Dahrendorf a German-British sociologist, philosopher, political scientist and liberal politician. A class conflict theorist, Dahrendorf was a leading expert on explaining and analysing class divisions in modern society, and is regarded as "one of the most influential thinkers of his generation." In his lifetime, Dahrendorf published multiple articles and books. His most notable works include Class Conflict in Industrial Society and Essays in the Theory of Society