June 1553 in history

Born in June 1553

Jun 6 Bernardino Baldi an Italian mathematician and writer.
Jun 15 Archduke Ernest of Austria an Austrian prince, the son of Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor and Maria of Spain.

Died in June 1553

Jun 3 Wolf Huber an Austrian painter, printmaker, and architect, a leading member of the Danube School.
Jun 26 Tsarevich Dmitry Ivanovich of Russia (1552–1553) the first Tsarevich or Tsesarevich - the heir apparent - of the Tsardom of Russia, as the eldest son of Ivan the Terrible, or Ivan IV of Russia and his first Tsaritsa, Anastasia Romanovna. He was the third child and first son of the couple and died in infancy, leaving his younger brother, Ivan Ivanovich, heir