June 1571 in history

June 1571 events chronologically

Jun 24 Miguel Lopez de Legazpi founds Manila, the capital of the Republic of the Philippines

Born in June 1571

Jun 17 Thomas Mun an English writer on economics who has been called the last of the early mercantilists. He was among the first to recognize the exportation of service, or invisible items, as valuable trade, and made early statements strongly in support of capitalism. He had a set of "means to enrich a kingdom" which supported foreign trade by means of exporting more than importing. In other words if you spend more than you make then your wealth will decrease. In order to increase your exports and decrease your imports he said that you must: 1. use all available resources, 2. Don't follow trends and if you do follow trends then only follow domestic ones, 3. export through your own means, and 4. if it is too expensive to buy locally then people will buy somewhere else

Died in June 1571

Jun 1 John Story an English Roman Catholic martyr.