June 1681 in history

Born in June 1681

Jun 6 Giovanni Domenico Santorini an Italian anatomist. He was a native of Venice, earning his medical doctorate from Pisa in 1701. He is remembered for conducting anatomical dissections of the human body
Jun 18 Theophan Prokopovich an archbishop and statesman in the Russian Empire. The origin of Prokopovich is unclear: although he was born in Kiev, his parents were from Smolensk. He elaborated and implemented Peter the Great's reform of the Russian Orthodox Church. One of the founding fathers of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Prokopovich wrote much religious verse and some of the most enduring sermons in the Russian language
Jun 26 Hedvig Sophia of Sweden a Swedish princess and a Duchess Consort of Holstein-Gottorp, the eldest child of King Charles XI of Sweden, and his spouse Queen Ulrica Eleanor. She was heir presumptive to the Swedish throne until her death and the regent of the duchy of Holstein-Gottorp for her minor son from 1702 to 1708. Some sources refer to her as Sofia

Died in June 1681

Jun 1 Cornelis Saftleven a Dutch Golden Age painter.
Jun 12 Sigmund von Birken a German poet of the Baroque.
Jun 28 Marie Angélique de Scorailles a French noblewoman and one of the many mistresses of Louis XIV. A lady-in-waiting to his sister-in-law Elizabeth Charlotte, Princess Palatine, the Duchess of Orléans, she caught the attention of the Sun King and became his lover in 1679. She died most probably as a result of complications arising from childbirth