June 1683 in history

June 1683 events chronologically

Jun 6 The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England, opens as the world's first university museum
Jun 23 William Penn signs a friendship treaty with Lenni Lenape Indians in Pennsylvania

Born in June 1683

Jun 7 Paghtasar Dpir A leading figure during the revitalization period of Armenian culture as a poet, musician, scientist, printer, and a luminary of national and educational movements
Jun 23 Étienne Fourmont a French scholar and Orientalist who served as professor of Arabic at the Collège de France and published grammars on the Arabic, Hebrew, and Chinese languages.

Died in June 1683

Jun 4 Wolfgang George Frederick von Pfalz-Neuburg an Auxiliary Bishop in the Diocese of Köln and elected Prince-Bishop of Breslau shortly before his death.
Jun 24 Nicholas van Hoorn a merchant sailor, privateer and pirate. He was born in the Netherlands and died near Veracruz after being wounded on the Isla de Sacrificios. Nikolaas or Klaas was engaged in the Dutch merchant service from about 1655 until 1659, and then bought a vessel with his savings. With a band of reckless men whom he had enlisted, he became a terror to the commerce of the Netherlands and Spain. Later he had several ships in his employment and obtained such notoriety that some governments were willing to employ him against their enemies