June 1687 in history

Born in June 1687

Jun 7 Gaetano Berenstadt best remembered for his association with the composer George Frideric Handel. Berenstadt created roles in three of Handel's operas. Berenstadt's parents were German and his father was timpanist to the Grand Duke of Tuscany. By the end of his 27-year-long career Berenstadt had sung in 55 dramatic works, 33 of which were newly composed
Jun 13 Paolo Antonio Rolli an Italian librettist and poet.
Jun 24 Johann Albrecht Bengel a Lutheran pietist clergyman and Greek-language scholar known for his edition of the Greek New Testament and his commentaries on it.

Died in June 1687

Jun 16 François de Beauvilliers 1st duc de Saint-Aignan a French military leader, administrator and man of letters. He was peer of France and a member of the Académie française