June 1704 in history

Born in June 1704

Jun 4 Benjamin Huntsman an English inventor and manufacturer of cast or crucible steel.
Jun 11 Carlos Seixas a Portuguese composer, the son of the cathedral organist, Francisco Vaz and Marcelina Nunes.
Jun 17 John Kay (flying shuttle) the inventor of the flying shuttle, which was a key contribution to the Industrial Revolution. He is often confused with his namesake, who built the first "spinning frame"
Jun 22 John Taylor (classical scholar) born at Shrewsbury in Shropshire.
Jun 24 Jean-Baptiste de Boyer Marquis d'Argens a French philosopher and writer.

Died in June 1704

Jun 12 Abraham de la Pryme an English antiquary.
Jun 18 Tom Brown (satirist) an English translator and writer of satire, largely forgotten today save for a four-line gibe he wrote concerning Dr John Fell.
Jun 30 John Quelch (pirate) an English pirate who had a lucrative but very brief career of about one year. His chief claim to historical significance is that he was the first person to be tried for piracy outside England under Admiralty Law and thus without a jury. These Admiralty courts had been instituted to tackle the rise of piracy in colonial ports where civil and criminal courts had proved ineffective