June 1793 in history

June 1793 events chronologically

Jun 2 French Revolution: François Hanriot, leader of the Parisian National Guard, arrests 22 Girondists selected by Jean-Paul Marat, setting the stage for the Reign of Terror
Jun 10 The Jardin des Plantes museum opens in Paris. A year later, it becomes the first public zoo
Jun 10 French Revolution: Following the arrests of Girondin leaders, the Jacobins gain control of the Committee of Public Safety installing the revolutionary dictatorship
Jun 24 The first Republican constitution in France is adopted

Born in June 1793

Jun 3 Antoni Malczewski an influential Polish romantic poet, known for his only work, "a narrative poem of dire pessimism", Maria.
Jun 16 Diego Portales a Chilean statesman and entrepreneur. As a minister of president José Joaquín Prieto Diego Portales played a pivotal role in shaping the state and government politics in the 19th century, delivering with the Constitution of 1833 the framework of the Chilean state for almost a century. Portales influential political stance included unitarianism, presidentialism and conservatism which led to consolidate Chile as a constitutional authoritarian republic with democracy restricted to include only upper class men
Jun 20 Aleksander Fredro a Polish poet, playwright and author active during Polish Romanticism in the period of partitions by neighboring empires. His works including plays written in the octosyllabic verse and in prose as well as fables, belong to the canon of Polish literature. Fredro was harshly criticized by some of his contemporaries for light-hearted humor or even the alleged immorality which led to years of his literary silence. Many of Fredro's dozens of plays were published and popularized only after his death. His best-known works have been translated into English, French, German, Russian, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian and Slovak
Jun 22 Tokugawa Ieyoshi the 12th shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan.
Jun 28 Georg Friedrich Schömann a German classical scholar of Swedish heritage.
Jun 29 Josef Ressel an a German Bohemian forester and inventor who designed one of the first working ship's propellers.

Died in June 1793

Jun 11 William Robertson (historian) a Scottish historian, minister in the Church of Scotland, and Principal of the University of Edinburgh. "The thirty years during which presided over the University perhaps represent the highest point in its history."
Jun 13 Jean Baptiste Meusnier a French mathematician, engineer and Revolutionary general. He is best known for Meusnier's theorem on the curvature of surfaces, which he formulated while he was at the École Royale du Génie. He also discovered the helicoid. He worked with Lavoisier on the decomposition of water and the evolution of hydrogen
Jun 26 Gilbert White a "parson-naturalist", a pioneering English naturalist and ornithologist. He remained unmarried and a curate all his life. He is best known for his Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne
Jun 26 Karl Philipp Moritz a German author, editor and essayist of the Sturm und Drang, late enlightenment, and classicist periods, influencing early German Romanticism as well. He led a life as a hatter's apprentice, teacher, journalist, literary critic, professor of art and linguistics, and member of both of Berlin's academies
Jun 27 Johann August Ephraim Goeze a German zoologist from Aschersleben.