June 1794 in history

June 1794 events chronologically

Jun 1 The battle of the Glorious First of June is fought, the first naval engagement between Britain and France during the French Revolutionary Wars
Jun 4 British troops capture Port-au-Prince in Haiti
Jun 8 Robespierre inaugurates the French Revolution's new state religion, the Cult of the Supreme Being, with large organized festivals all across France
Jun 23 Empress Catherine II of Russia grants Jews permission to settle in Kiev
Jun 26 French Revolutionary Wars: Battle of Fleurus marked the first successful military use of aircraft
Jun 30 Native American forces under Blue Jacket attack Fort Recovery

Born in June 1794

Jun 18 Philippe Le Bas a French hellenist, archaeologist and translator. He was the son of Philippe Le Bas and Elisabeth Duplay, the daughter of Robespierre's landlord Maurice Duplay. He was only 6 weeks old when his father committed suicide on Robespierre's fall on 27 July 1794 in the Thermidorian Reaction
Jun 21 Abbasgulu Bakikhanov an Azerbaijani writer, historian, journalist, linguist, poet and philosopher; descendant of the ruling dynasty of the Baku Khanate, nephew of the last khan of Baku. He was an officer in the Imperial Russian Army from 1820 and participated in the Russo-Persian War of 1826-1828. He later retired and settled in Quba, but traveled extensively within Russia, meeting important literary figures as Alexander Pushkin
Jun 23 Louis Petitot a French sculptor, who was born and died in Paris. He was the pupil and son-in-law of the sculptor Pierre Cartellier
Jun 25 Princess Ida of Saxe-Meiningen a German princess. She was the second child and first daughter of George I, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen and Luise Eleonore of Hohenlohe-Langenburg. Her sister Adelaide was the wife of the future William IV of the United Kingdom and Ida herself was one of the godparents of Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn
Jun 28 John Biscoe an English mariner and explorer who commanded the first expedition known to have sighted the areas named Enderby Land and Graham Land along the coast of Antarctica. The expedition also found a number of islands in the vicinity of Graham Land, including the Biscoe Islands that were named after him
Jun 28 Karol Boscamp-Lasopolski a Dutch diplomat in service of Poland and Russia. He was a Chamberlain in the court of Polish king Stanisław August Poniatowski. He was lynched by a mob during the Warsaw Uprising of 1794

Top 7 most famous people died in June 1794

Jun 8 Gottfried August Bürger a German poet. His ballads were very popular in Germany. His most noted ballad, Lenore, found an audience beyond readers of the German language in an English adaptation and a French translation
Jun 18 Jérôme Pétion de Villeneuve a French writer and politician who served as the second mayor of Paris, from 1791 to 1792.
Jun 18 James Murray (Quebec governor) a British soldier, whose lengthy career included service as colonial administrator and governor of the Province of Quebec and later as Governor of Minorca from 1778 to 1782.
Jun 19 Richard Henry Lee an American statesman from Virginia best known for the motion in the Second Continental Congress calling for the colonies' independence from Great Britain. He was a signatory to the Articles of Confederation and his famous resolution of June 1776 led to the United States Declaration of Independence, which Lee signed. He also served a one-year term as the President of the Continental Congress, and was a United States Senator from Virginia from 1789 to 1792, serving during part of that time as one of the first Presidents pro tempore
Jun 20 Félix Vicq-d'Azyr a French physician and anatomist, the originator of comparative anatomy and discoverer of the theory of homology in biology.
Jun 25 Charles Jean Marie Barbaroux a French politician of the Revolutionary period and Freemason.
Jun 27 Wenzel Anton Prince of Kaunitz-Rietberg a diplomat and statesman of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1764 he was made a prince of the Holy Roman Empire as Reichfürst von Kaunitz-Rietberg and in 1776 prince of the Kingdom of Bohemia