June 1799 in history

June 1799 events chronologically

Jun 18 Action of 18 June 1799: A frigate squadron under Rear-admiral Perrée is captured by the British fleet under Lord Keith

Top 7 most famous people born in June 1799

Jun 6 Alexander Pushkin considered by many to be the greatest Russian poet and the founder of modern Russian literature.
Jun 8 William M. Meredith an American lawyer and politician. He was to served as the United States Secretary of the Treasury, during the President Zachary Taylor's Cabinet
Jun 10 Fyodor Bruni a Russian artist of Italian descent who worked in the Academic style.
Jun 18 William Lassell an English merchant and astronomer.
Jun 23 John Milton Bernhisel an American physician, politician and early member of the Latter Day Saint movement. He was a close friend and companion to both Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Bernhisel was the original delegate of the Utah Territory in the United States House of Representatives and acted as a member of the Council of Fifty of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Jun 24 Jean Baptiste Boisduval a French lepidopterist, botanist, and physician. He developed the Boisduval scale and identified many new species of butterflies. One of the most celebrated lepidopterists of France, he was the co-founder of the Société Entomologique de France. Early in his career, he was interested in Coleoptera and allied himself with both Lacordaire and Latreille. He was the curator of the Pierre Françoise Marie Auguste Dejean collection in Paris and described many species of beetles, as well as butterflies and moths, resulting from the voyages of the Astrolabe, the expedition ship of Jean-François de Galaup, comte de La Pérouse and the "Coquille", that of Louis Isidore Duperrey. Boisduval's Elateridae are in the Natural History Museum, London and the types of Curculionidae in Brussels Natural History Museum. His Lepidoptera were sold to Charles Oberthür. The Sphingidae are in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jun 25 David Douglas a Scottish botanist. He was born to John Douglas, a stonemason, and Jean Drummond. He worked as a gardener, and explored the Scottish Highlands, North America, and Hawaii, where he died

Died in June 1799

Jun 6 Patrick Henry an American attorney, planter and politician who became known as an orator during the movement for independence in Virginia in the 1770s. A Founding Father, he served as the first and sixth post-colonial Governor of Virginia, from 1776 to 1779 and from 1784 to 1786
Jun 7 Increase Sumner an American lawyer, jurist, and politician from Massachusetts. He was the fifth governor of Massachusetts, serving from 1797 to 1799. Trained as a lawyer, he served in the provisional government of Massachusetts during the American Revolutionary War, and was elected to the Confederation Congress in 1782. Appointed to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court the same year, he served there as an associate justice until 1797
Jun 7 Princess Victoire of France the seventh child and fifth daughter of King Louis XV of France and his Queen consort Maria Leszczyńska. As the daughter of the king, she was a Fille de France
Jun 7 Barbara Campanini a famous Italian ballerina, one of the most important ballet dancers of the 18th century.
Jun 10 Chevalier de Saint-Georges a champion fencer, a virtuoso violinist and conductor of the leading symphony orchestra in Paris. Born in Guadeloupe, he was the son of George Bologne de Saint-Georges, a wealthy planter, and Nanon, his African slave. During the French Revolution, Saint-Georges was colonel of the 'Légion St.-Georges,' the first all-black regiment in Europe, fighting on the side of the Republic. Today the Chevalier de Saint-Georges is best remembered as the first classical composer of African ancestry
Jun 18 Johann André a German musician, composer and music publisher. He was born and died in Offenbach am Main