June 1808 in history

June 1808 events chronologically

Jun 6 Napoleon's brother, Joseph Bonaparte, is crowned King of Spain
Jun 15 Joseph Bonaparte becomes King of Spain

Top 7 most famous people born in June 1808

Jun 10 Frederik Kaiser a Dutch astronomer. He was director of the Leiden Observatory from 1838 until his death
Jun 13 Patrice de MacMahon Duke of Magenta a French general and politician with the distinction Marshal of France. He served as Chief of State of France from 1873 to 1875 and as the first president of the Third Republic, from 1875 to 1879. He won national renown and the presidency on the basis of his military actions in the war against the Germans. The man was a devout conservative Catholic, a traditionalists who despised socialism and strongly distrusted the secular Republicans. He took very seriously his duty as the neutral guardian of the Constitution, and rejected suggestions of a monarchist coup d'état. He also refused to meet with Gambetta, the leader of the Republicans. He moved the Third Republic the system whereby the government selected by the assembly ruled France, but he also insisted on an upper chamber. At one point he overstepped his authority and to solve the Chamber of Deputies, with the result that Republicans won the election and McMahon soon resigned and retired to private life
Jun 16 Amalie Adlerberg an illegitimate daughter of Duchess Therese of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, fathered by Bavarian diplomat Maximilian-Emmanuel Graf von und zu Lerchenfeld auf Köfering und Schönberg. Amalie's mother was an aunt of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, wife of Tsar Nicholas I
Jun 17 Henrik Wergeland a Norwegian writer, most celebrated for his poetry but also a prolific playwright, polemicist, historian, and linguist. He is often described as a leading pioneer in the development of a distinctly Norwegian literary heritage and of modern Norwegian culture
Jun 20 Samson Raphael Hirsch a German rabbi best known as the intellectual founder of the Torah im Derech Eretz school of contemporary Orthodox Judaism. Occasionally termed neo-Orthodoxy, his philosophy, together with that of Azriel Hildesheimer, has had a considerable influence on the development of Orthodox Judaism
Jun 20 Urbano Rattazzi an Italian statesman.
Jun 28 Cristina Trivulzio Belgiojoso an Italian noblewoman who played a prominent part in Italy's struggle for independence. She is also notable as a writer and journalist

Died in June 1808

Jun 11 Giovanni Battista Cirri an Italian cellist and composer in the 18th century.
Jun 26 Ludwik Tyszkiewicz a Polish-Lithuanian nobleman and Field Lithuanian Hetman from 1780 to 1791, Great Lithuanian Treasurer from 1791, Great Lithuanian Marshal from 1793. Member of the Targowica Confederation