March 1364 in history

Born in March 1364

Mar 5 William I of Guelders and Jülich Duke of Guelders, as William I, from 1377 and Duke of Jülich, as William III, from 1393. William was known for his military activities, participating in the Prussian crusade five times and battling with neighbors in France and Brabant throughout his rule. His allies included Holy Roman Emperors, Charles IV and Wenceslaus, Richard II of England, and Conrad Zöllner von Rothenstein, the Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights. During his reign the duchies of Guelders and Jülich were temporarily unified
Mar 21 Sohier Count of Enghien the titular Duke of Athens, and Count of Brienne and Lord of Enghien from 1356 to 1364.

Died in March 1364

Mar 12 Ranulf Higden an English chronicler and a Benedictine monk of the monastery of Werburgh in Chester. He is believed to have been born in the West of England, took the monastic vow , at Chester in 1299, and seems to have travelled over the north of England