March 1611 in history

Born in March 1611

Mar 1 John Pell an English mathematician.
Mar 15 Jan Fyt a Flemish Baroque animal painter and etcher.
Mar 17 Robert Douglas Count of Skenninge a Scottish Field Marshal in the Swedish army, during the Thirty Years' War and the Swedish-Polish wars. He was a commander in the later stages of the Thirty Years' War
Mar 25 Evliya Çelebi an Ottoman Turk who travelled through the territory of the Ottoman Empire and neighboring lands over a period of forty years, recording his commentary in a travelogue called Seyâhatnâme.

Died in March 1611

Mar 3 William Douglas 10th Earl of Angus the son of William, the 9th Earl. He was a direct descendant of King James I through his paternal grandmother, Lady Agnes Keith, a daughter of William Keith, 3rd Earl Marischal
Mar 5 Shimazu Yoshihisa a daimyo of Satsuma Province and the eldest son of Shimazu Takahisa. His mother was a daughter of Iriki'in Shigesato , Sesshō. Shimazu Yoshihiro and Shimazu Toshihisa are his brothers