March 1653 in history

Born in March 1653

Mar 10 John Benbow an English officer in the Royal Navy. He joined the navy aged 25 years, seeing action against Algerian pirates before leaving and joining the merchant navy where he traded until the Glorious Revolution of 1688, whereupon he returned to the Royal Navy and was commissioned
Mar 24 Joseph Sauveur a French mathematician and physicist. He was a professor of mathematics and in 1696 became a member of the French Academy of Sciences

Died in March 1653

Mar 13 Simon de Vlieger a Dutch designer, draughtsman, and painter, most famous for his marine paintings.
Mar 13 Johan van Galen a Commodore of the Republic of the Seven United Provinces of the Netherlands.
Mar 20 Wolfgang Wilhelm Count Palatine of Neuburg a German Prince. He was Count palatine of Neuburg and Duke of Jülich and Berg
Mar 30 Mikołaj Łęczycki a Polish Jesuit, Catholic theologian, writer and mystic.