March 1773 in history

Born in March 1773

Mar 2 Christian Heinrich Pfaff a German physician, chemist and physicist.
Mar 4 José Rondeau a general and politician in Argentina and Uruguay in the early 19th century.
Mar 15 Jean-Baptiste Solignac a French general, and the brother-in-law of Marshal Jean-Baptiste Jourdan.
Mar 16 Juan Ramón Balcarce an Argentine military leader and politician.
Mar 26 Nathaniel Bowditch an early American mathematician remembered for his work on ocean navigation. He is often credited as the founder of modern maritime navigation; his book The New American Practical Navigator, first published in 1802, is still carried on board every commissioned U.S. Naval vessel
Mar 28 Henri Gatien Bertrand born at Châteauroux, Indre as a member of a well-to-do bourgeois family.

Died in March 1773

Mar 1 Luigi Vanvitelli an Italian engineer and architect. The most prominent 18th-century architect of Italy, he practised a sober classicizing academic Late Baroque style that made an easy transition to Neoclassicism
Mar 1 Jan Wagenaar a Dutch historian, known best for his contributions to "Tegenwoordige staat van nederland" and "Vaderlandsche Historie".
Mar 3 Andrzej Poniatowski a Polish nobleman , General and Field Marshal.
Mar 13 Philibert Commerson a French naturalist, best known for accompanying Louis Antoine de Bougainville on his voyage of circumnavigation in 1766–1769.
Mar 20 Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia the Duke of Savoy and King of Sardinia from 1730 until his death.
Mar 20 Gottlieb Heinrich Totleben a Saxon-born Russian Empire general known for his adventurism and contradictory military career.
Mar 24 Philip Stanhope 4th Earl of Chesterfield a British statesman and man of letters.