March 1778 in history

Top 7 most famous people born in March 1778

Mar 3 Frederica of Mecklenburg-Strelitz the consort of Ernest Augustus I of Hanover, the fifth son and eighth child of George III and Queen Charlotte.
Mar 4 Robert Emmet an Irish nationalist and Republican, orator and rebel leader. He led an abortive rebellion against British rule in 1803 and was captured, tried and executed for high treason
Mar 6 Carl Bernhard von Trinius a German-born botanist and physician.
Mar 8 Jean-Toussaint Arrighi de Casanova a French diplomat and soldier of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. In the late 1840s, Arrighi was also involved in politics and was elected Deputy and then Senator in the French Parliament. He was a cousin-in-law of Napoleon I of France
Mar 19 Edward Pakenham an Anglo-Irish Army Officer and Politician. He was the brother-in law of the Duke of Wellington, with whom he served in the Peninsular War. Appointed as commander of British forces in North America in 1814, he was killed in action at the Battle of New Orleans
Mar 25 Sophie Blanchard a French aeronaut and the wife of ballooning pioneer Jean-Pierre Blanchard. Blanchard was the first woman to work as a professional balloonist, and after her husband's death she continued ballooning, making more than 60 ascents. Known throughout Europe for her ballooning exploits, Blanchard entertained Napoleon Bonaparte, who promoted her to the role of "Aeronaut of the Official Festivals", replacing André-Jacques Garnerin. On the restoration of the monarchy in 1814 she performed for Louis XVIII, who named her "Official Aeronaut of the Restoration"
Mar 31 Coenraad Jacob Temminck a Dutch aristocrat, zoologist, and museum director.

Died in March 1778

Mar 5 Thomas Arne an English composer, best known for the patriotic song Rule, Britannia!. He also wrote a version of God Save the King, which became the British national anthem, and the song A-Hunting We Will Arne was the leading British theatre composer of the 18th century, working at Drury Lane and Covent Garden
Mar 7 Charles De Geer a Swedish industrialist and entomologist.
Mar 13 Charles le Beau a French historical writer.
Mar 27 Nicolas-Sébastien Adam a French sculptor working in the Neoclassical style. He was born in Nancy and died in Paris
Mar 29 Baltazar Adam Krčelić a Croatian historian, theologian and lawyer.
Mar 31 Konstanty Ludwik Plater Castellan of Troki from 1770, voivode of Mstislavl from 1758 to 1770, Castellan of Polotsk from 1754 to 1758, the great Lithuanian Magnus Scriptor from 1746 to 1754, Maréchal of the Lithuanian Tribunal in 1754, and Starosta of Livonia and Dyneburg. In 1754, he was awarded with the Order of White Eagle, Knight of the Order of Saint Stanislaus, and the Russian Order of Alexander Nevsky. Married to Countess Augustina Oginska on 16 Aug 1744