March 1786 in history

Born in March 1786

Mar 1 Baron Franz von Pillersdorf an Austrian statesman.
Mar 3 Alfred Wojciech Potocki a Polish nobleman , landowner, political and economic activist.
Mar 6 Charles Napier (Royal Navy officer) a Scottish naval officer whose sixty years in the Royal Navy included service in the War of 1812 , the Napoleonic Wars, Syrian War and the Crimean War , and a period commanding the Portuguese navy in the Liberal Wars. An innovator concerned with the development of iron ships, and an advocate of humane reform in the Royal Navy, he was also active in politics as a Liberal Member of Parliament and was probably the naval officer most widely known to the public in the early Victorian Era
Mar 10 José María Vargas the President of Venezuela from 1835–1836.
Mar 22 Joachim Lelewel a Polish historian, bibliographer, polyglot and politician, from a Polonized branch of a Prussian family.
Mar 22 Karl Mayer (poet) a German jurist and poet of the Swabian school of poets, the circle of Justinus Kerner and the Serach poets' circle under count Alexander von Württemberg. His younger brother Louis Mayer was a landscape painter
Mar 25 Giovanni Battista Amici an Italian astronomer, microscopist, and botanist.

Died in March 1786

Mar 6 Charles Germain de Saint Aubin a French draftsman and embroidery designer to King Louis Published a classic reference on embroidery, L'Art du Brodeur in 1770. In addition to his embroidery designs, he was also known for his drawings and engravings
Mar 7 Franz Benda a Bohemian violinist and composer. He was the brother of Jiří Antonín Benda, and he worked for much of his life at the court of Frederick the Great
Mar 11 Charles Humphreys an American miller and statesman from Haverford, Pennsylvania. He is the son of Daniel Humphreys and Hannah Wynne. He served as a delegate for Pennsylvania to the Continental Congress from 1774 to 1776. He voted against the Declaration of Independence, since he believed it would inevitably escalate the Revolutionary War and that conflicted with his Quaker beliefs. He withdrew from the Congress soon afterwards
Mar 21 Johann Gottlieb Preller a German cantor, composer, and land surveyor.