March 1791 in history

March 1791 events chronologically

Mar 2 Long-distance communication speeds up with the unveiling of a semaphore machine in Paris
Mar 4 The Constitutional Act of 1791 is introduced by the British House of Commons in London which envisages the separation of Canada into Lower Canada (Quebec) and Upper Canada (Ontario)
Mar 4 Vermont is admitted to the United States as the fourteenth state

Born in March 1791

Mar 6 John MacHale the Irish Roman Catholic Archbishop of Tuam, and Irish Nationalist.
Mar 8 Kazimierz Brodziński an important Polish Romantic poet.
Mar 9 Nicolas Levasseur a French bass, particularly associated with Rossini roles.
Mar 10 Ángel de Saavedra 3rd Duke of Rivas a Spanish poet, dramatist and politician born in Devis. He is best known for his play Don Álvaro; o, La fuerza del sino , the first romantic success in the fatty theater
Mar 15 Charles Knight (publisher) an English publisher, editor and author.
Mar 27 Reuben Uther a noted Australian merchant and manufacturer. Born in England, Uther began his career in seal skins before emigrating to Sydney in 1807 where he founded a hat making industry, a region of industry that he subsequently monopolised. He was a signatory to the petition to Major George Johnston calling for the deposing of the Governor of New South Wales, William Bligh, having only lived in the country for one year

Died in March 1791

Mar 2 John Wesley credited with the foundation of the evangelical movement known as Methodism. His work and writings also played a leading role in the development of the Holiness movement and Pentecostalism
Mar 14 Johann Salomo Semler a German church historian, biblical commentator, and critic of ecclesiastical documents and of the history of dogmas. Sometimes known as "the father of German rationalism"