March 1958 in history

March 1958 events chronologically

Mar 1 Samuel Alphonsus Stritch is appointed Pro-Prefect of the Propagation of Faith and thus becomes the first American member of the Roman Curia
Mar 3 Nuri as-Said becomes the prime minister of Iraq for the eighth time
Mar 16 The Ford Motor Company produces its 50 millionth automobile, the Thunderbird, averaging almost a million cars a year since the company's founding
Mar 17 The United States launches the Vanguard 1 satellite
Mar 19 The Monarch Underwear Company fire leaves 24 dead and 15 injured
Mar 24 Rock'N'Roll teen idol Elvis Presley is drafted in the U.S. Army
Mar 25 Canada's Avro Arrow makes its first flight

Top 7 most famous people born in March 1958

Mar 3 Miranda Richardson an English stage, film and television actress. She is a two-time Academy Award nominee and has won a BAFTA Award and two Golden Globe Awards
Mar 7 Rik Mayall an English comedian, writer, actor and voice-over artist. Mayall was best known for his comedy partnership with Ade Edmondson, for his energetic "post-punk" style of acting, and as a pioneer of alternative comedy in the early 1980s. He appeared in numerous cult classic sitcoms, including The Young Ones , Filthy Rich & Catflap , The New Statesman , Bottom , and Blackadder, and in the comedy films Drop Dead Fred and Guest House Paradiso
Mar 10 Sharon Stone an American actress, film producer, and former fashion model.
Mar 14 Albert II Prince of Monaco the reigning monarch of the Principality of Monaco, and head of the Princely House of Grimaldi. He is the son of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, and the American actress Grace Kelly. His sisters are Caroline, Princess of Hanover – his heir presumptive – and Princess Stéphanie. In July 2011, Prince Albert married Charlene Wittstock
Mar 20 Holly Hunter an American actress. For her performance as Ada McGrath in The Piano , Hunter received the Academy Award for Best Actress, BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama, and Cannes Best Actress Award, among others. She has also been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Broadcast News , as well as the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her roles in The Firm and Thirteen. Hunter has also won two Emmy Awards from seven nominations
Mar 21 Gary Oldman an English screen and stage actor, filmmaker and musician. An Academy Award nominee, Oldman has received various honours during his career, and has been hailed by peers, directors and critics as one of cinema's greatest actors. Tom Hardy once remarked: "Gary Oldman is, hands down, the greatest actor that's ever lived."
Mar 29 Nouriel Roubini an American economist. He teaches at New York University's Stern School of Business and is the chairman of Roubini Global Economics, an economic consultancy firm

Top 7 most famous people died in March 1958

Mar 1 Giacomo Balla an art teacher and participated later in Futurism. In his art he created a pictorial depiction of light, movement and speed
Mar 3 Wilhelm Zaisser a German communist politician and the first Minister for State Security of the German Democratic Republic.
Mar 17 John Pius Boland an Irish Nationalist politician, and Member of Parliament in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and as member of the Irish Parliamentary Party for South Kerry 1900–1918. He was also noteworthy as a gold medallist tennis player at the first modern Olympics
Mar 21 Cyril M. Kornbluth an American science fiction author and a notable member of the Futurians. He used a variety of pen-names, including Cecil Corwin, D. Gottesman, Edward Bellin, Kenneth Falconer, Walter Davies, Simon Eisner, Jordan Park, Arthur Cooke, Paul Dennis Lavond and Scott Mariner. The "M" in Kornbluth's name may have been in tribute to his wife, Mary Byers; Kornbluth's colleague and collaborator Frederik Pohl confirmed Kornbluth's lack of any actual middle name in at least one interview
Mar 22 Mike Todd an American theater and film producer, best known for his 1956 production of Around the World in 80 Days, which won an Academy Award for Best Picture. He is known as the third of Elizabeth Taylor's seven husbands and is the only one whom she did not divorce. He was the driving force behind the development of the eponymous Todd-AO widescreen film format
Mar 23 Florian Znaniecki a Polish philosopher and sociologist who taught and wrote in Poland and in the United States. Over the course of his work he transitioned from the focus on philosophy to that on sociology. He remains a major figure in the history of Polish and American sociology; the founder of Polish academic sociology, and of an entire school of thought in sociology. He won international renown as co-author, with William Thomas, of the study, The Polish Peasant in Europe and America , which is considered the foundation of modern empirical sociology. He also made major contributions to sociological theory, introducing terms such as humanistic coefficient and culturalism
Mar 28 W. C. Handy an American blues composer and musician. He was widely known as the "Father of the Blues"