March 851 in history

Born in March 851

Mar 7 Nominoe the first Duke of Brittany from 846 to his death. He is the Breton pater patriae and to Breton nationalists he is known as Tad ar Vro
Mar 20 Ermengarde of Tours the daughter of Hugh of Tours, a member of the Etichonen family, which claimed descent from the Merovingian kings. In October 821 in Diedenhofen , she married the Carolingian Emperor Lothair I of the Franks

Died in March 851

Mar 20 Ebbo archbishop of Rheims from 816 until 835 and again from 840 to 841. He was born a German serf on the royal demesne of Charlemagne. He was educated at his court and became the librarian and councillor of Louis the Pious, king of Aquitaine, son of Charlemagne. When Louis became emperor, he appointed Ebbo to the see of Rheims, then vacant after the death of Wulfaire
Mar 23 Zhou Chi an official of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, serving as a chancellor during the reign of Emperor Xuānzong.