May 12 events in history

254 Pope Stephen I succeeds Pope Lucius I as the 23rd pope
304 Roman Emperor Diocletian orders the beheading of the 14-year-old Pancras of Rome
907 Zhu Wen forces Emperor Ai into abdicating, ending the Tang Dynasty after nearly three hundred years of rule
922 After much hardship, Abbasid envoy Ahmad ibn Fadlan arrived in the lands of Volga Bulgars
1191 Richard I of England marries Berengaria of Navarre who is crowned Queen consort of England the same day
1328 Antipope Nicholas V, a claimant to the papacy, is consecrated in Rome by the Bishop of Venice
1364 Jagiellonian University, the oldest university in Poland, is founded in Kraków, Poland
1510 The Prince of Anhua rebellion begins when Zhu Zhifan kills all the officials invited to a banquet and declares his intent on ousting the powerful Ming Dynasty eunuch Liu Jin during the reign of the Zhengde Emperor
1551 National University of San Marcos, the oldest university in the Americas, is founded in Lima, Peru
1588 French Wars of Religion: Henry III of France flees Paris after Henry of Guise enters the city and a spontaneous uprising occurs
1619 Dutch statesman Johan van Oldenbarnevelt was sentenced to death for high treason
1689 King William's War: William III of England joins the League of Augsburg starting a war with France
1743 Maria Theresa of Austria is crowned Queen of Bohemia after defeating her rival, Charles VII, Holy Roman Emperor
1780 American Revolutionary War: In the largest defeat of the Continental Army, Charleston, South Carolina is taken by British forces
1797 First Coalition: Napoleon I of France conquers Venice
1821 The first major battle of the Greek War of Independence against the Turks is fought in Valtetsi
1862 U.S. federal troops occupy Baton Rouge, Louisiana
1863 American Civil War: Battle of Raymond: Two divisions of James B. McPherson's XVII Corps (ACW) turn the left wing of Confederate General John C. Pemberton's defensive line on Fourteen Mile Creek, opening up the interior of Mississippi to the Union Army during the Vicksburg Campaign
1864 American Civil War: The Battle of Spotsylvania Court House: Thousands of Union and Confederate soldiers die in "the Bloody Angle"
1865 American Civil War: The Battle of Palmito Ranch: The first day of the last major land action to take place during the Civil War, resulting in a Confederate victory
1870 The Manitoba Act is given the Royal Assent, paving the way for Manitoba to become a province of Canada on July 15
1873 Coronation of Oscar II of Sweden
1881 In North Africa, Tunisia becomes a French protectorate
1885 North-West Rebellion: The four-day Battle of Batoche, pitting rebel Métis against the Canadian government, comes to an end with a decisive rebel defeat
1926 1926 General Strike: In the United Kingdom, a nine-day general strike by trade unions ends
1926 The Italian-built airship Norge becomes the first vessel to fly over the North Pole
1932 Ten weeks after his abduction, the infant son of Charles Lindbergh, Charles Jr., is found dead in Hopewell, New Jersey, just a few miles from the Lindberghs' home
1933 The Agricultural Adjustment Act is enacted to restrict agricultural production by paying farmers subsidies
1935 Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith (founders of Alcoholics Anonymous) meet for the first time in Akron, Ohio, at the home of Henrietta Siberling
1937 The Duke and Duchess of York are crowned as King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Westminster Abbey
1941 Konrad Zuse presents the Z3, the world's first working programmable, fully automatic computer, in Berlin
1942 World War II: Second Battle of Kharkov: In eastern Ukraine, Red Army forces under Marshal Semyon Timoshenko launch a major offensive from the Izium bridgehead, only to be encircled and destroyed by the troops of Army Group South two weeks later
1942 World War II: The U.S. tanker Virginia is torpedoed in the mouth of the Mississippi River by the German U-Boat U-507
1942 The Holocaust: 1,500 Jews are sent to gas chambers in Auschwitz
1945 Argentinian labour leader José Peter declares the Federación Obrera de la Industria de la Carne dissolved
1948 Wilhelmina, Queen regnant of the Kingdom of the Netherlands cedes throne
1949 The Soviet Union lifts its blockade of Berlin
1949 The western occupying powers approve the Basic Law for the new German state: The Federal Republic of Germany
1952 Gaj Singh is crowned Maharaja of Jodhpur
1955 Nineteen days after bus workers went on strike in Singapore, rioting breaks out and seriously impacts Singapore's bid for independence
1955 Austria regains its independence as the Allied occupation following World War II ends
1958 A formal North American Aerospace Defense Command agreement is signed between the United States and Canada
1965 The Soviet spacecraft Luna 5 crashes on the Moon
1968 Vietnam War: North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces attack Australian troops defending Fire Support Base Coral, east of Lai Khe in South Vietnam on the night of 12/13 May, resulting in heavy casualties on both sides and beginning the Battle of Coral–Balmoral
1975 Mayagüez incident: The Cambodian navy seizes the American merchant ship SS Mayaguez in international waters
1978 In Zaire, rebels occupy the city of Kolwezi, the mining center of the province of Shaba (now known as Katanga). The local government asks the U.S.A., France and Belgium to restore order
1981 Francis Hughes starves to death in the Maze Prison in a Republican campaign for political prisoner status to be granted to Provisional IRA prisoners
1982 During a procession outside the shrine of the Virgin Mary in Fátima, Portugal, security guards overpower Juan María Fernández y Krohn before he can attack Pope John Paul II with a bayonet. Krohn, an ultraconservative Spanish priest opposed to the Vatican II reforms, believed that the Pope had to be killed for being an "agent of Moscow"
1986 NBC debuts the current well-known peacock as seen in the NBC 60th Anniversary Celebration
1989 The San Bernardino train disaster kills four people. A week later an underground gasoline pipeline explodes killing two more people