May 1278 in history

Born in May 1278

May 1 William II of Villehardouin the last Villehardouin prince of Achaea and ruled the principality at the height of its power and influence.
May 8 Emperor Duanzong of Song the eighth and penultimate emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty of China who reigned from 1276 to 1278 and died at the early age of ten. He was also known as the "Nation Establishing Duke ". Born Zhào Shì , his father was sixth Southern Song Emperor Duzong. He became Prince Ji in 1274 and Prince Yi in 1276. Enthroned as emperor at Fuzhou on 14 June 1276, his only era took the name of Jǐngyán. Duanzong's temple name means "Final Ancestor"